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WingFoiling Lessons

Quick Details

3hr Course 1 Day
Weekend Pricing

Master Wingfoiling with Expert Lessons in San Francisco, CA!

There are two components: Wing-flying/FoilBoard riding.

Soar over the water, catch the wind with grace, and master the wingfoil lessons in San Francisco, CA! Wing-Foiling / Wing-surfing / Wing-Boarding has recently emerged as a way to get on the water and enjoy a session holding the wing and riding a foilboard. The simplicity of the gear makes it attractive to new water enthusiasts and also to long-time enthusiasts as a new challenge to take on. With Wing-surfing, there’s a potential to get out in waves and ride swells in a downwinder or at proper surf breaks.

In this boat-based session, you first learn how to handle the wing standing on the boat, getting a feel for where to position it in the wind. You will also receive instruction of how to go from “kneeling” to “standing” on a board. Then you get on the WingBoard and begin to hold steady courses on the water while making progress discovering how to balance your stance. Once you are able to gain enough speed, you’ll feel the board start to foil and push the board up above the water!