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Foil Kitesurfing

Quick Details

3hr Course 1 Day

Glide effortlessly into our Kitesurfing Foil in San Francisco, CA!

Learning how to ride the Foil Board begins with understanding what’s happening underneath the board and learning to control it. It’s an airplane underneath you which requires a new way of balance, different from twin-tip or surfboard riding. With the lack of water drag, it’s possible to slip into new points of sail and discover a new freedom of movement that enable you to point super high, go fast, and be so smooth!

This session begins by getting towed behind the boat so you are able to focus only on the foilboard and how to balance on it; no kite handling is involved in this first stage. Once you feel good with the board, then we put a kite up and see how you’re able to bring the two together.

Learn how to:

  • Putting the board on your feet
  • Controlling the lift
  • Standing up and getting lifted
  • Extending riding time above water
  • Progress your weak side
  • Start to go upwind/downwind while on foil