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KiteTheBay Instructor’s Bio

John von Tesmar is the lead instructor/owner of KiteTheBay.  He started the company in 2009.  His love of water activities includes sailing, wakeboarding, water-skiing, surfing, windsurfing and beach-chilling.  When not on his boat teaching on the Bay, he is seeking ocean enjoyment somewhere, foiling mostly in wind or waves, with wings or kites.  He has participated in numerous HyrdroFoiling Racing events over the last few years in San Francisco and La Ventana, Baja Mexico where he spends the winter months.

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, John grew up on Lake Erie, learning to sail with his father and friends.  He later learned how to windsurf and then kitesurf in 2003.  He spent summers working as a windsurf instructor in Hatteras, North Carolina and the Columbia River Gorge, before moving to the SF Bay Area where he started teaching kitesurfing. KiteTheBay is a product of his diverse experience and desire to provide the kitesufing experience in a more efficient and practical way.  Book your Bay area kitesurfing lessons online today!

Winds of Praise: Get the KiteTheBay Experience!

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Excellent teacher

John is an excellent teacher with years of water and wind knowledge. His program offers a safe path to wind sport proficiency.

– Louis G., Yelp
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Wingfoil Lesson

The beginner wingfoil lesson was completely satisfactory. John is very well equipped for a smooth learning experience. The boat, size variety in equipment and radio-helmet makes the progress quick. John himself observes mistakes correctly and provides realtime feedback. Great experience

– Osman E., Yelp
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Flying the Kite

John's the best and getting out in the boat gets you comfortable kiting in the bay in no time. Even in lighter wind conditions he can help find the best area to go and get you up and kiting. The kiting anchor to the boat is a great way to get comfortable flying the kite, and is so much better than any trainer kite would be.

– Brendon S., Yelp
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A blast!

John was great, had a blast! Really liked that it was one-on-one and we were on the water in his boat the entire time because I got to learn a lot in just a few hours.

– Dana F., Yelp
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Great Instructor

John is a great and calm instructor and the entire setup of going out on a boat was perfect for me as a beginner. I was able to get up and do my first rides already in the middle of the first lesson supported by Johns instructions that I received via speakers in the helmet. I will definitely book more classes in the future to get myself to the next level.

– Immanuel B., Yelp