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eFoil Session

Quick Details

Riders must be 90 lbs

Additional Person

Experience the Future of Water Sports with eFoil Sessions in San Francisco, CA!

eFoiling is the new way to enjoy a thrilling experience on the water. It’s powered by an electric motor while you control the speed with a handheld remote trigger. The feeling is the smoothest sensation with the board being lifted above the water and only the foil contacting the water. Top speed is 25 mph but you can choose to go as fast as you feel comfortable.

In the session, you’l learn how to control your speed with the handheld remote and maintain a slow, yet planing speed. This gives you stability without going too fast. Next step is getting to your knees and continue to ride around on the board gaining confidence and trigger control on the remote. Once your comfortable on riding on your knees, then it’s time to get to your feet! Along with good balance skills, it’s important to pay attention to your speed and how you manage it with your handheld remote. You’ll be standing up and riding within your first session!