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Golden Gate Expeditions

Quick Details

Participants must weight between 110 – 230lbs

3hr Course 1 Day

Embark on Unforgettable Adventures with Golden Gate Bridge Kitesurfing Expeditions in San Francisco, CA!

Got a taste for adventure? A need for challenge? Come kite the bay and discover the beauty and magnificence of the San Francisco Bay. Ride under the Golden Gate bridge, cruise past the San Francisco city front and up close to Alcatraz Island, aka “the rock”. Experience the variable conditions of the bay and put your abilities to the test. Having the boat support of the Wind seeker, there’s opportunity to stop, rest and even change gear along the way. We can go the distance if you’re up for it! Truly a journey of a lifetime!

Being in such a windy area, the San Francisco Bay possesses a variety of kitesurfing areas. Many of these various sites are dependent on certain wind directions. When conditions are working, we look to get out and ride these spots. By keeping an eye on the wind, expeditions arise out of the moment and you could find yourself riding in a very unique and seldom ridden area of the bay. That’s the adventure.

NOTE: Kiters must be of at least intermediate skill level and have experience riding in a variety of conditions. Be able to go upwind and handle choppy conditions and at high speeds. Downwind routes are often taken so understand how to ride in downwind courses is a required skill.

All gear included: kite, board, wetsuit, harness
add another person for $250